Announcing Foreign Chops #20: France

by Robert Gannon · February 13, 2014 · Chops and Scores, Featured, Foreign Chops · 1 Comment

Robert back again to announce a new edition of Foreign Chops. This month, we’re asking for your writing on French films. Reviews, interviews, retrospectives, articles–so long as the subject is films from France, we want to see it.

The history of French cinema is largely the history of film itself. From the invention of the commercial film projector to the crossover success of modern French films like The Artist, France has been involved in the global film industry from the start. 35 French films have received nominations for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy awards, winning nine times. That’s not even counting the three honorary awards received before the category existed nor the countless French films to receive nominations in other categories.

Here’s how Foreign Chops #20: France works. Submit up to five posts per site (not per author, but per site) to [email protected] by Midnight EST, March 5, 2014. Use the subject heading Foreign Chops: France. I respond to all submissions, so please e-mail again if you do not hear back from me in a couple days. On Thursday, March 6, I’ll compile all the links and publish them at the LAMB.

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