The Film Pasture’s Oscar Prediction Special

by The Vern · February 9, 2016 · Film Pasture, Podcasts · 1 Comment



On this episode The Vern(@videovangaurd) and brand new Co -host Kristen Lopez(@Journeys_Film) are joined by Jason Soto of Lair of the Unwanted and CineGamer(@CineGamerJason) to give you their predictions on who will win at the Academy Awards ceremony this year. For the full complete list.  Listen to The LAMBcast later this month.

Listen–>  Film Pasture’s Oscar Prediction Special

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Opening Song. I wanna be a Cowboy by Boys Don’t Cry
Closing Song. Marathon by Fuzzy Machete 

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  1. […] as the months progress.  Thanks to Kristen Lopez of Journeys in Classic Film and my new cohost for The Film Pasture for letting me know about the site, and thanks to Gordon Miller for letting me write for it as […]

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