LAMB Trailer Club: Assassin’s Creed

by Robert Zerbe · May 12, 2016 · Periodic Features, Trailer Club · 5 Comments

Welcome to the LAMB feature where we breakdown big, new trailers…in the comments section! Today we’ve got our first look at Assassin’s Creed. Post your thoughts below and beware potential spoilery theories and opinions! You can also discuss this trailer and more on social media using #LAMBTrailerClub.

5 Responses to LAMB Trailer Club: Assassin’s Creed

  1. Robert Zerbe says:

    I’m not super familiar with Assassin’s Creed, but this looks pretty accurate to the games. It’s such a weird concept. Fassbender, Cotillard and director Justin Kurzel are pluses of course. I just wonder how this “animus” thing is going to work…kinda reminds me of the Pacific Rim suit/rig/brain interface stuff. Question for people who play the game…when he’s back in the past/in the mind of his ancestor/whatever, does he know what’s going on or is he just playing out the life he lived 500 years ago?

  2. A couple shows back, I said that I had more faith in Assassin’s Creed being the first video game film adaptation to work than Warcraft. This trailer has done nothing but bolster my confidence. I played the first Assassin’s Creed game when it came out and figured that there was enough of a concept there for someone to attempt a movie about it. Just didn’t think that it would look as visually dynamic as this trailer does, or cast as talented a duo as Fassbender and Cotillard. Director Justin Kurzel, who worked with Fassy and Marion on Macbeth, sure has a great eye and is not too far from his wheelhouse having just left a dark ages re-imagining. Now that we are certain it looks pretty…lets hope that the writing follows suit.

  3. Elwood Jones says:

    On one hand I’m surprised that it’s actually looking as good as it does being a video game adaptation and we all know that there really hasn’t been a solid one of those since Mortal Kombat.

    On the other hand Fassbender and Cotillard help to raise this being the usual blockbuster fodder and give it the sense that they are going to attempt to do something different with adaptation, which seems clear from the changes made to the Animus which in the game is essentially a fancy chair while as far as I’m aware (having only played up to brotherhood) the Spanish inquisition hasn’t been used for a setting.

    Then we come to that awful Kanye West track which made me oh so thankful for the mute button.

    At the moment I’m positive about it but not sure I would rush to the cinema to see it and instead add to the pile of films that I will get around to watching eventually.

  4. Jay Cluitt says:

    What is that opening?!?! Not what I was expecting at all, then again I’ve never played the game at all. I’d assumed it was a Prince of Persia sort of thing, set entirely within the past, not some bizarre re-living off an ancestor’s past life. Seems an odd direction to take, but whatever.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the trailer really. Looks a bit messy, leaves me less intrigued and more confused, but without really caring what I’m looking at. And gotta agree with Elwood, that is one awful song choice. Jeez do I hate anything Kanye puts out under the term “music”, and the mercifully brief snippets in the trailer might be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.

    Right now I’m not ever planning to see it (I was also most decidedly not a fan of Macbeth), definitely not in the cinema, probably not even on DVD. Maybe I’ll DVR it some day and eventually delete it a few years later, never having gotten around to watching it. I’ll judge by the reviews.

  5. I’m torn. I like video games that look like movies and get excited when their rousing music and looks make you take pause and go, wait, is this a movie? No, a game? Cool.

    However, I don’t like movies that look like video games, even ones based on games. If I wanted to watch this much CGI, I’d play the game. And the modern music feels distracting. Some of the best soundtracks I’ve heard recently are from some fine period set games.

    So I guess I’m hesitant or have some trepidation at this point. Will this be the look of the whole movie? Can the good moves shown here be sustained in two hours not just two minutes? Will this original story hold up compared to the already pretty darn fine AC game plots?

    We shall see. I’m not blown away, and it will be tough to lure on the fence audiences when this comes out at the same time as Star Wars.


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