LAMB Trailer Club: Ghostbusters Trailer #2

by Robert Zerbe · May 18, 2016 · Periodic Features, Trailer Club · 4 Comments

Welcome to the LAMB feature where we breakdown big, new trailers…in the comments section! Today we’ve got a new Ghostbusters trailer! Post your thoughts below and beware potential spoilery theories and opinions! You can also discuss this trailer and more on social media using #LAMBTrailerClub.

4 Responses to LAMB Trailer Club: Ghostbusters Trailer #2

  1. Elwood Jones says:

    Well its still looking pretty unbalanced with its mixture or frights and humour, though the action scenes and general Ghostbusting action still looks incredible the same way that Kate McKinnon is still rocking every shot I’ve seen her in.

    Leslie Jones continues to remain the wild card here as some scenes she seems really funny and others just comes off like she missed her mark.

    My main gripe with this trailer is that we get the half melted stay puff rather than an undamaged one which would have been a stronger shot, but still don’t get what all these whiny fanboys are griping about. If anything they should be happy that this film seems to be its own thing rather than trying to be any kind of bolt on to the original films and hopefully this film will kick-start the long proposed Ghostbuster universe which would see other teams being introduced.

  2. Nicole says:

    I remember watching the first trailer for Ghostbusters in theaters when I went to see Deadpool (or some other flick). I didn’t take the movie seriously then and I still don’t now but will say that this second version is a better improvement on giving viewers an idea of what they’re dealing with rather than just introducing the main characters and trying to be funny with quips and jokes that fall flat and don’t really do the movie any justice, like the first trailer did.

    The special effects are what makes Ghostbusters trailer #2 most appealing, but I still have no plans to watch it. I’m a fan of the cartoon and original movie(s)…so there’s that. Maybe this is why this new flavor of Ghostbusters and its trailers are a joke to me but who knows?! It could be quite good. I’ll wait until it hits Netflix.

  3. thesquonk says:

    The biggest hurdle for me is that Melissa McCarthy IS NOT FUNNY! I have never found her funny. Kristin Wiig IS funny, but the trailers seem to portray her as the straight man. I do agree that Kate McKinnon is the one casting decision that looks like a bullseye right now. I will be seeing it (I’m due to be on the LAMBcast about it, after all) but right now I’m very nervous.

  4. Robert Zerbe says:

    I want to be really happy and excited for this movie but I feel like the haters are ruining it for me. That said, these trailers are terrible. If the main characters are anything but really goofy, broad and slapsticky, the trailers aren’t showing us that. I wanted a Venkman-esque character who’s snarky and smart and cool but I’m not feeling that. That’s just one specific problem. I’m still excited. Still gonna see it.

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