Cult Chops (July) – Natural Horror Movies / Nature Runs Amok

by Elwood Jones · July 8, 2016 · Chops and Scores · No Comments

“Cult Chops” a monthly feature where each month we will be looking at a different genre of cult cinema as well as key actors and directors who established their legacies directing films from these genres.


For this month’s “Cult Chops” we are heading out on a slightly lighter and often more random track as July will be dedicated to Natural Horror Movies / Nature Runs Amok.

A genre which goes by many names while also unquestionably one of the main staples of 70’s and 80’s horror as animals struck back at mankind for their crimes against nature be it in the result of scientific tinkering, chemical spills, radiation or just being prehistoric monsters unleashed on the modern world it would seem that no animal was unable to pull off its own rampage or plot for world domination.

What started out as a common b-movie plot evolved into summer blockbusters aswell as bringing forth the birth of the mockbuster as the genre played host equally to some of the best and worst movies of all time.

Prime examples of the genre include:

  • Jaws
  • The Shallows
  • Long Weekend
  • Grizzly
  • Squirm
  • The Swarm
  • Phase IV

I will however advise to avoid movies featuring dinosaurs or monsters (Godzilla, Gamera, CHUD, Sharktopus) as these will be covered on another month and instead look to the film which feature either giant versions (Jaws, Lake Placid, King Kong, Eight Legged Freaks) or just regular nature striking back.

So if it features an animal going rogue from sharks, bears, crocodiles through to giant bunnies, ants and even worms July is dedicated to them as the animals take over The LAMB!!

How to get involved

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Really anything relating to the theme of the month can be submitted either via e-mail – [email protected] or on the LAMB forums with all submissions featured in a round at up at the end of each month. The hope being that LAMB’s already writing about these genres will get alittle more exposure while perhaps tempting others to wander away from the path of mainstream cinema and maybe check out some films they might not have otherwise watched.

Submission Deadline: 7th August

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