Cult Chops (January) – Kaiju Movies

by Elwood Jones · January 13, 2017 · Chops and Scores · No Comments

So it’s a new year and time to kick off a new season of “Cult Chops” and what better way than starting off with a frequently misunderstood / downplayed genre of movies involving giant monsters waging mass destruction or engaging in monster sized smackdowns.

The term “Kaiju” is a Japanese word that means “Strange Beast” though often translated as monster. Traditionally this word is used for films which are either Asian in origin, or inspired by those same movies (Cloverfield). Still for this month we will be branching out slightly and looking at some other creations which can been seen as still falling into the genre such as “King Kong” who would be accepted into the genre by Toho studios (The home of Godzilla) in 1962 when he faced off against the most recognisable face in the Kaiju genre “Godzilla” in “King Kong Vs. Godzilla” which would not only make Kong five times bigger, but prove successful enough to spawn it’s own sequel “King Kong Escapes”  which saw Kong face his mechanical clone “Mechani-Kong”.
Even now Kaiju movies continue to have a presence in modern cinema with Godzilla and King Kong both reciving new entries in thier franchises, while news continues to circulate of Legendry building up for another showdown between the pair. At the same time films such as Cloverfield and Pacific Rim have payed homage to the genre and reminding us that a giant monster monster translates in any language.

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