The winner of the Best Picture Movie Draft is…

by Jay Cluitt · February 26, 2017 · Poll · 2 Comments

On the Lambcast we recently held a draft show attempting to create teams of Best Picture winners to then be voted upon. With the latest Best Picture winner mere hours away from being crowned, it’s time to announce the far more important award of who won the draft! You can listen to the Lambcast show here (you should, it’s fun), and the full results are below, but the winner was… Jay! Oh wait, that’s me! Yay!

My team of Casablanca, No Country For Old Men, Titanic, The Bridge On The River Kwai and The Apartment narrowly eked out a victory ahead of Rebecca’s team, so the hugest of all congratulations quite rightly go to me. Here are the full results:

If you have any suggestions for future drafts, leave a note in the comments!