Cult Chops – Zombie Movies

by Elwood Jones · July 22, 2017 · Chops and Scores, LAMB Chops · No Comments

Recently the world was saddened by the passing of George A. Romero who despite directing a number of fantastic horror movies, will no doubt forever be remembered as the Godfather of the zombie genre.

Of course zombie movies exsisted before Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” with movies such as “White Zombie” and the Hammer horror “Plague of the Zombies” painting a very different picture of the zombie mythos than Romero’s gut muchers. In the years which passed the mythos would only continue to evolve with the Italians bringing splatter while the genre would effectively be rebooted for modern times with Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later” firmly implanting the walking dead as a key monster of the horror cannon.

So to honour Romero what better way could there be than devoting this round of Cult Chops to the Zombie movie!

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