Director’s Chair: Richard Linklater

by Tony Cogan · July 2, 2017 · Uncategorized · 1 Comment

Hello everyone, it’s once again time to show off all of the posts that you have sent me for the films of Richard Linklater. I got a good amount of links this month and I thank everyone who sent in features of Linklater’s films. With that said, here are the posts:

It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books:


Dazed and Confused:

Before Sunrise:


The Newton Boys:

Waking Life:


School of Rock:

Before Sunset:

Bad News Bears:

Fast Food Nation:

A Scanner Darkly:

Me and Orson Welles:


Before Midnight:


Everybody Wants Some:

Richard Linklater Overall:

Thanks again to everyone who sent features in. Come back tomorrow for the announcement of the next director that will be featured on Director’s Chair.