PLUG: MovieRob’s Movies From the Hat 7

by Rob · March 27, 2018 · Announcements, Plugs · No Comments

As many of you who follow my site may have noticed, I just ‘celebrated my 3900th movie review milestone since the inception of this blog nearly 5 years ago.

So that means that I now have started to prepare for the next big milestone – 4000 movies watched and reviewed.

For my 1000th, 1500th, 2000th,  2500th, 3000th and 3500th milestones, I chose to run Movies From the Hat where my readers chose films for me to watch in the run-up to those milestones.

I must admit that I love doing this series because it exposes me to so many new films that I had never even heard of beforehand.

For this milestone, I’m gonna once again do Movies From the Hat and hopefully get even more people involved then in the past (which is why I’m posting this now, nearly 80 reviews early.)

This time tho, I’m gonna do it with a slight twist.

I realize that the number 4000 is quite daunting when it comes to movies.

A number of you have expressed concern in the past that I’ve already seen every movie that they could think of, so for those of you who prefer, instead of having to think of a movie that I haven’t yet reviewed, you can just give me a name of an actor, actress, director, writer, hell… cinematographer or any other movie industry participant and then I will scrounge through that person’s IMDB filmography and find a film that I haven’t yet reviewed from that person’s filmography.

(Thanks to my good friend Jay the Head Sheperd here at The LAMB for this suggestion of the twist)

For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s from my favorite game from Whose Line is it Anyway? (Scenes From the Hat) where I will place all chosen titles in a hat.  When I’m aching to watch a movie, I will pick out a title and watch that one (NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED) and keep doing so until I reach the goal of 4000 reviews.

It’s actually quite simple to participate, just check out my list of reviewed movies here or via my Temporal Top Ten series and think of a movie that I haven’t yet reviewed which you think I’ll enjoy and send me by EMAIL ([email protected]) or via tweet (@realmovierob) the movie title that you would like me to review. (Please don’t post titles in the comments so that your choices can be just between us)

This isn’t SHITFEST, so I hope and expect that you will choose a movie* that you think I’ll enjoy.

I’d prefer if you can steer away from horror movies and foreign language films.

So as I said, It’s real simple, just send me an email to [email protected] or tweet (@realmovierob) and I’ll start filling up the hat.

Anyone and everyone is invited to participate, so feel free to tell your friends, spouses or anyone else about this too!

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support and I’m looking forward to this great event!


* – I have veto power if I see that I can’t get a hold of the movie to watch eventhough my options are vast.