LAMB #1923 – AndersonVision

by Jay Cluitt · July 4, 2018 · New LAMB · No Comments

Site name AndersonVision
Site URL
Twitter Handle @AVCentral
Facebook Page /likeandersonvision
Instagram @andersonvisionig
How many contributors do you have? Three – five
Categories Movies
Classic film
Related garbage
Site Rating R
What is the main focus of your site? Pop Culture coverage. It started as strictly film, but as the opportunities and media outreach increased… we adapted.
What are your blogging goals, personally and/or professionally? In other words, what, if anything, are you trying to get out your blog? I’ve had to bring on more people to help with interviews, national screenings and various other things. I would love to turn my social media stuff over to someone I can trust. I hate keeping up with that stuff.
Overall goals? Become bigger, make being indie cool and try to break up the Coastal hold on movie culture.
Do you prefer an interactive community for your blog or are you the teacher and your readers the students? I’ve been the teacher too much. I would prefer interactive. I had far more interactive at CHUD and other sites.
How long has this site been active for, and how frequently do you post updates to your site? (Note: sites must be active for at least three months for entry to the LAMB.) Since Feb 2004. Updates daily, if not hourly. It all depends on how fast I’m writing.
Name up to three of your favorite movies (and no more). Forbidden Zone
A New Hope
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
Name a movie you hate. Crash (2004)
How did hear about the LAMB? If it was a LAMB, do you recall which one? I’ve had a few of your members like stuff I’ve posted. I’ve been rejected by the OFCS twice and I figured some sort of online film society might help out the site. I’ve had media people beg me to get my stuff onto Rotten Tomatoes, but I hate jumping through damn hoops.
Other question I’ve written for so many sites that I’ve lost count. I know most of the primary older members of Film Twitter. I’ve been yelled at by even more. I’m not into bowing to the Royal Court. I just want to get goofy kids to learn about the magic of Stroker Ace and Mr. T movies not featuring Sly Stallone.
Are there any articles on your site you are particularly proud of that you would like the LAMB to promote? I feel like such an Ayn Rand goon at times for saying this, but I don’t have a particular favorite. Usually, I let readers tell me what they liked. I’m always working on the next thing. Give me a second and I’ll put up a few links here that the readers have recommended.

The Last Jedi
I Can Only Imagine
Sgt. Stubby An American Hero

All of those are within the last year. So, hopefully that works.


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