LAMBracket: Best Christmas Movie – Play-Off #4

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From December 1st until Christmas Eve, here on the LAMB, we’ll be determining what is the BEST Christmas movie of all time. We’ve asked you all which films are the main contenders, and twenty-four of you replied with your choices, which will bauble battle it out for seasonal supremacy. It’s a head-to-head, single elimination tournament, so whichever film wins today moves onto the next round. However, here is not the only place to vote. No, head to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the same poll there, and it’ll be the total of all four results that determines the winner.

Today’s tinsel tussle is the second in the Genre group, Batman Returns vs Christmas Evil, and will close in just 24 hours:

Batman Returns vs Christmas Evil

Batman Returns championed by Aaron Neuwirth from The Code is Zeek

Along with being another adventure with the Dark Knight, Tim Burton’s Batman follow-up also provides a wintery setting that allows one to celebrate Christmas while dealing with the Penguin and Catwoman. Taking it one step further, there is plenty to look at with this gothic sequel as far as how it fits in the realm of great Christmas films. You get a Bruce Wayne who slowly learns that accepting in friends and love interests may be in his favor. You get a Penguin who serves as a perverse version of the Grinch, even stealing babies, as opposed to toys. Catwoman attempts to channel the holiday spirit by having plenty of fun over the holidays, while also detailing the specifics of mistletoe. This is a jam-packed holiday classic if I’ve ever seen one, with Danny Elfman delivering one of his all-time great scores to accompany the snow falling on Gotham.

Christmas Evil, championed by Elwood Jones of From the Depths of DVD Hell

So with the festive season fast approaching no doubt you’re already tired of every festive movie being about families coming together and wearing questionable sweaters while learning about the true meaning of the festive season from the friendly hobo or something. Of course with all this schmaltz being crammed down your throat it’s occasionally fun to look at something a little darker over the festive season, and no I’m not talking about Die Hard, but instead will attempt to sway you over to my yearly viewing essential and not to mention the movie named the greatest by bastion of good taste John Waters. I am of course talking about Christmas Evil.

A film also known by the colourful titles of You’d Better Watch Out and Terror in Toyland, which follows Harry who works at the local toy factory while harbouring a secret desire to be Santa. So obsessed is Harry with becoming the jolly fat man that he wakes up in his Santa pyjama’s before setting out to spy on the local boys and girls whose names he writes down in his naughty or nice book. However with the world around him trying to break his festive spirit, he finally break and sets out to spread some festive cheer by donning his Santa suit and hopping in his white van (complete with Santa mural) to teach the local community the joy of Christmas as he steals toys from the sleazy toy factory he works at to give to sick kids at the hospital, even at one point attempting to fit down a chimney only to get stuck.

Christmas Evil really stands out from the other festive slashers such as the bitter Silent Night, Deadly Night which Mickey Rooney waged a personal war against only to then turn up in Part 5, the bonkers Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 or the surprisingly sleazy British slasher Don’t Open Till Christmas by actually having a lot of heart underneath its less than traditionally festive surface, as while Harry is a self-imposed loner he’s still likeable even if his Santa delusion does lead to him murdering several people for not showing enough festive cheer. However, unlike its counterparts this isn’t the focus as instead the film is more interested in following this man trying to figure out how to be Santa especially before that angry mob catches up with him. This film is a wild ride from start to finish with an ending which has to be seen to be believed.

Which is the better Christmas movie?

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