Who will win the 2019 Box Office Draft?

by Jay Cluitt · January 3, 2019 · Uncategorized · No Comments

A few days ago we held a Bonus Lambcast episode in which twelve Lambcast regulars gathered together and competed to build teams of movies that will make the most money in 2019. Listen to it here! The results aren’t in yet, but we’re interested to see who you think is going to win. The rules were simple:

  1. Each team has six films
  2. The total score will be the sum of the five highest grossing films on each team (this allows for if a film’s release is cancelled or pushed back to 2020)
  3. Films from the previous year could be picked, but only the film’s takings in 2019 would be counted towards the total
  4. It’s international, baby!

We won’t know the final results until the start of 2020, but take a gamble, who do you think will win: