The LAMB Devours the Oscar 2019 – Best Supporting Actor

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Every day until the Oscars ceremony we’ll be highlighting a different category or movie here on the LAMB! Here’s a link to all the posts written so far .

Today, Cameron Kanachki of The Michigan Movie Guy is here to look at the Best Supporting Actor Category.

Tnx Cameron!

Best Supporting Actor

As part of The LAMB’s The LAMB Devours the Oscars series, I will be writing on the 5 exemplary nominees for Best Supporting Actor. I will start things off with…

Mahershala Ali as Don Shirley in Green Book

Previous Nominations: 1 (Moonlight)
Previous Wins: 1 (Moonlight)

Mahershala Ali does a great job here, considering the material he was given. He does bring a lot of life & heart to the role, although the weak script does hold him back from his performance being a fantastic one.

Adam Driver as Philip “Flip” Zimmermann in BlacKkKlansman

Previous Nominations: 0 Previous Wins: 0

Although Driver has appeared in both blockbusters & acclaimed indie films, he has not received recognition from any of the major awards until now, & his nomination is very well-deserved. He excellently portrays the struggle of realizing your ethnic identity & what that means for yourself.

Sam Elliott as Bobby Maine in A Star Is Born

Previous Nominations: 0 Previous Wins: 0

For a well-known actor who has been in film for such a long time, it’s a surprise that this is only Elliott’s first Oscar nomination. But the wait was worth it. Although Elliott doesn’t have much screentime, he is able to make such an unforgettable mark on the film & the audience.

Richard E. Grant as Jack Hock in Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Previous Nominations: 0 Previous Wins: 0

Grant is one of the finest character actors in the minds of those who know of him, but to others, he is one of those people who they see in many things but can’t remember his name. But after this performance, they’ll remember his name. He is nothing short of a powerhouse here. From the first moment he’s on screen to the last, Grant has so much firepower, with so much humor, heart, a tremendous scene-stealing ability.

Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush in Vice

Previous Nominations: 1 (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) Previous Wins: 1 (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

If anything here, Rockwell shows that he is the best & only person to portray George W. Bush. He nails everything we know & love (or hate) about the 43rd President: his accents, his mannerisms, & especially his Bushisms. All that together makes for Rockwell’s finest performance.

Who Will Win? – Mahershala Ali. He’s been the frontrunner ever since Green Book premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. However, there is a possibility that he could falter at the Oscars if he loses the BAFTA to Richard E. Grant.

Who Should Win? – Richard E. Grant. I haven’t loved & adored a performance in 2018 more than I adored Grant’s performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me? Performances like his with that much wit & charisma come around once in a blue moon, & as a result, Grant should be handsomely rewarded.

If there is someone who I think should be nominated in this category, it’s Daniel Kaluuya in Widows. His performance was easily the best villainous performance since Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds, & performances like these are so rare

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