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Every day until the Oscars ceremony we’ll be highlighting a different category or movie here on the LAMB! Here’s a link to all the posts written so far:

Today, Matthew Stewart from Simplistic Reviews is here to look at the nominees for Best Supporting Actress.

Tnx Matthew!

Best Supporting Actress

Matt Stewart from Simplistic Reviews

I love the Supporting Actor and Actress categories at the Oscars. Itʼs pretty much the only part of the show where you get to see those character actors you love so much get some proper credit. This yearʼs group of women up for Best Supporting Actress including everything from feuding royals to political power players. So without further adieu, here are the nominees:

Regina King “The REAL Favourite”

-Between TV and the Big Screen, Regina King has been on a roll. Roles in “American Crime” and “Seven Seconds” on the small screen have led to her reemergence on the big screen, and with a captivating turn in “If Beale Street Could Talk” she is poised to become the first Black Actress since Viola Davis in 2017 to take home an award from The Academy. King will be the Queen come Oscar Night.

Amy Adams “The ‘Oh, her again…ʼ”

-Itʼs funny how things turn; Has the world soured on Amy Adams? Was it her playing Lois Lane, or has she just fallen victim to the discontent of Internet trolls and contrarians? Such an odd world we live in. Sure, she was fine in “Vice,” but that seems to be what sheʼs become in a lot of ways. Sheʼs fine; nothing more and nothing less. But I guess when your performance is overshadowed by what is likely to be an Oscar-winning one in Christian Bale, itʼs tough sledding.

Rachel Weisz “The Sharp Tongue”

-Maybe itʼs just me, but I was having such a fun time watching “The Favourite” perhaps Iʼm blinded by the fact that Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone are going to split the vote and ruin each otherʼs chance to actually win the trophy, but in a weird way itʼs almost fitting that Weisz and Stone are pitted against each other and fighting for the same award. Funny how that works…I see you Oscar…

Emma Stone “The Sharp Tongue Inside”

-Emma Stone is so good in “The Favourite.” Her and Rachel Weisz spit such vitriol and poison at each other for two hours and itʼs wonderful to see their roles reverse and re-reverse at breakneck speed. Seeing her character literally rise from the shit pile to being essentially “Hand of the Queen” is awesome storytelling and seeing her interactions with all the key players is just too good. Too bad she wonʼt win.

Marina de Tavira “The Anything Can Happen at the Oscars”

-Marina de Tavira is my dark horse to maybe pull a surprise here. With so much stress on our crisis at the border and our newest call for immigration reform and the importance of immigrants in our day to day lives, The Academy might want to be on the correct side of social justice and history. “Roma” is no doubt a beautiful film, but with the ever-present “Netflix Bias” hanging over this filmʼs head itʼs a coin flip of whether Oscar will look itʼs way.

Here is my rankings:

  1. Regina King
  2. Marina de Tavira
  3. Emma Stone
  4. Rachel Weisz
  5. Amy Adams

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