Vote for the winner of the Stephen King Draft!

by Jay Cluitt · September 9, 2019 · Draft, Featured · No Comments

Over on the Lambcast we’ve just held our Stephen King Draft show, on which Jay, Richard, Audrey, Darren and Damien each competed to build the best team of films and mini-series based on Stephen King’s works, and now it’s your chance to vote for the best team! Listen to the show first here:

Audrey’s Team (It [2017], Misery, Christine, 11.22.63, Children of the Corn)

Jay’s Team (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist, It [1990], The Lawnmower Man)

Darren’s Team (The Running Man, 1408, Cujo, The Night Flier, Hearts in Atlantis)

Damien’s Team (Stand By Me, Carrie [1976], Dolores Claiborne, Creepshow 2, The Stand [1994])

Richard’s Team (The Shining, The Dead Zone, Creepshow, Silver Bullet, Salem’s Lot [1979])

Who has the best team?


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