Lambcast #552 Roll Your Own (Top Five)

by Richard Kirkham · October 7, 2020 · Uncategorized · No Comments

So instead of talking about Wonder Woman 1984 this week, for reasons everybody understands, we tread into original territory. Our guests this week create their own content and generate a top five list of their own devices. Who knows what kinds of subjects we might come up with.

Joining Richard on this weeks show are LeAnne Lindsay, Getter Trumsi, Howard Casner and Amanda Kirkham. We get full films, particular scenes, preferred actors and a whole potpourri of TV, movies, series and other stuff on the various lists.  It’s the kind of fun you can only have when you are scrambling for guests and subjects at the last minute. It’s worth a listen. Plus there are the usual inventory of commentaries and games. 

What are you waiting for? Listen now. 


Top Five Roll Your Own Lists 03:00

Break 01:41:00

Rants, Raves, or Reviews 01:42:48

IDIMDB Game 01:56:00

Plugs  02:16:00

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