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Sometimes a Lambpardy show just isn’t fun enough. Sometimes it also needs to be a long-awaited episode of another podcast, and sometimes the participants of said podcast need to be completely unaware of this before they start recording the show. What am I talking about? This month’s Lambpardy is only a surprise French Toast Sunday reunion!

That’s right, 16 months since they recorded their last podcast together, Jess, Marc, Nick, Lindsay and Rob have been unwittingly reunited for three of them to compete in a Lambpardy game whilst the others willingly listen and interject as required. It’s French Toast Lambpardy! As you might expect this was a particularly raucous show (almost an hour of the conversation has been edited out and it’s still over 90 minutes long), but that just adds to the fun! Listen in for a very entertaining movie trivia show, but also be prepared for diversions onto topics such as crop-tops, sitcoms and Chris Kattan. It’s a podcast you could listen to on a weekend afternoon, that you’d listen to on any weekend afternoon. Listen here:

This month the contestants are:
Jessica Manzo-Kyte, French Toast Sunday
Marc Armstead, French Toast Sunday
Nick Rehak, French Toast Sunday, Rehak Radio
Also featuring:
Rob, Lindsay and Jay, also from French Toast Sunday and Yes Please Vintage

Jay Cluitt, Life vs Film, Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast

Thanks to the following Lambpardy heroes for helping out with questions for the show:
Rob, MovieRob
Howard Casner, Rantings and Ravings