Bonus Lambcast 600 Episode Lookback

by Richard Kirkham · September 13, 2021 · Featured, LAMBcast, Uncategorized · No Comments

According to the Spreadsheet that Jay turned over to me when I took over as the host of the Lambcast, the first episode was March 14, 2010. It took me a minute to figure that out because the dates are listed as the English do, Day/Month/Year rather than the more appropriate Month/Day/Year, what do you expect from people who want us to use the metric system? That means that the podcast is over eleven years old and has run continuously all eleven of those years.

Dylan Fields, the founder and original Shepherd of the Lamb, made 195 appearances on the Lambcast and hosted 164 times. Jay Cluitt, the previous occupant of my current seat as host of the Lamb, made his debut October 14, 2012 on a show featuring “Kiss,Kiss,Bang,Bang”. His first time hosting was for ”Iron Man 3”,  and he became the regular host in December 2014. Jay currently clocks the greatest number of appearances on the Lambcast with 333 shows. In other words he has been on more than half the episodes.

Richard, Amanda, Jay, Tony and David London Episode 500.

I am rapidly closing in on Dylan’s total, having appeared in 172 episodes. My first show was in May of 2016 on a “Roll Your Own” Episode. I became the regular co-host with Jay in June 2018, and I took over after Jay “Retired” last November. Jay clearly was more organized than I am For the 400th Episode in December of 2017, he planned a spectacular show, with segments supposedly lasting 400 seconds. There were a ton of people who contributed to that show and it was over the top. For the 500th show, Jay and I recorded it live with our guests, together in London after a screening of Joker. So while I was willing to travel 5500 miles for that, I was incapable of organizing anything close to what we did two hundred episodes ago for this celebration. 

Maybe in two years, when we get to 700 shows, I will be a bit more organized, but for now, we are celebrating 600 Episodes of the Lambcast with some messages from the community.

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