by Jay Cluitt · September 19, 2021 · LAMBcast, Lambpardy, Podcasts · No Comments

It’s Lambpardy time again, but now it’s all winners!

The final nine Lambpardy 2021 contenders have been determined, now it’s time to start whittling them down to three! First up are a former Lambpardy winner, Robert Zerbe, versus two first-time winners, Emily Slade and Lisa Leaheey. As everyone’s a winner, the difficulty has ramped up, and the amount of non-game-related chat right along with it, so listen in for a heated bout between three very competitive players, plus a special musical guest! Listen here:

This month the contestants are:
Emily Slade – Why This Film Podcast, Through Dangers Untold, In a Barbie World
Lisa Leaheey – The Critical Movie Critics, The SibList, Between The Scares
Robert Zerbe – To The Escape Hatch

Jay Cluitt – Life vs Film, Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast

Questions submitted by:
David Brook – Blueprint: Review
Nick Rehak – French Toast Sunday, Rehak Radio
Rob – MovieRob
Meg Hyland – Meagan’s Movie Alphabet