Welcome to the LAMB

by Dylan · October 31, 2007 · Uncategorized · 59 Comments

The Large Association of Movie Blogs has arrived on the scene, and is intended for all audiences.

For movie blog readers: rather than hunting through Google or through any number of blog directories and/or blogrolls looking for a site that fits your liking, this is your one-stop shop. Read up on the latest sites: who’s behind them, what their focus is, their goals and what you can expect when visiting.

For movie bloggers: this is a place for your blog to be spotlighted, in its own feature post, for all to see. Additionally, the LAMB is a community of film bloggers, some like you and proably some totally unlike you. We regularly have events and blog-a-thons, from our LAMB Devours the Oscars series to the Director’s Chair spotlights to our annual awards, The LAMMYS.

For a full rundown of events/features that the LAMB offers as well as an explanation of each, see the User’s Guide/FAQ.

If you would like your blog featured, the LAMB would love to feature you. Please keep in mind that there is an “age limit” – your site must be active for at least three months prior to being featured. Please do not submit a profile for a site that’s not “old” enough. Additionally, while just about anyone is welcome and there is no commitment to joining, we’re looking for and prefer active community members. As mentioned above, the LAMB regularly features events, from simple polls to blog-a-thons to other creative outlets like our Oscar series and “Battle” events.

Enough with the legalese. If you’d like to join, simply fill out the form below:

(After submitting correctly, a “Thank You” message will appear near the top of the page.)

Also, it should go without saying, but please put up a link to the LAMB on your site as well. This won’t work unless we all direct traffic here and thus turn on new readers and bloggers to each others’ sites. I know that sounds all sunny and happy unicornish, but it’s a fact. If you like, there is a selection of LAMB link buttons that can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, send them to [email protected]. Thanks!

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