Save a (virtual) tree today!

by Dylan · January 15, 2008 · Uncategorized · 1 Comment

As you (my fellow LAMBs) have probably noticed, we’ve been doing our fair share of emailing back and forth lately about the various issues of the day. Most of what has been discussed has been related to the upcoming (?) Oscars, but there’s also some talk about suggestions for this site and other ways in general for us to team up/collaborate/what have you.

Long story short, you and I have probably been getting a lot of LAMB emails. Some of you (like me) may not mind this, while others might wish to have a lower level of participation (which is fine) – either way, a virtual tree’s worth of emails has probably been used already. As such, a solution is at hand.

Thanks to a very generous offer by Jed from The Movie-Fantatic, the new LAMB Forum has been set up in the back end of his site. This will be the preferred place to discuss upcoming LAMB events, site suggestions, and who knows what else (as membership grows). I’ve set up a few topics to start off with, but I’m looking to all of you to help it grow.

So, please visit and register for the forum. At this point, membership will be limited to the LAMBs so that the discussion will remain relatively private. To accomplish this, I currently have it set up for emails to be sent to me prior to your being activated there. As such, please use a name or email that I might recognize – wouldn’t want to deny the right people access. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks, and thanks again to Jed.