LAMB #37 – Talking a Lot Without Ever Really Saying Anything

by Dylan · February 9, 2008 · New LAMB · 1 Comment

[Editor’s Note: This site has not posted new content in over a year (as of 5/18/11) and is now considered a dead LAMB. A moment of silence please…]


Site Name: Talking a Lot Without Ever Really Saying Anything

What is the main focus of your site (reviews, editorials, news, lists, etc.)?
The main focus of my posts are editorials relevant to film and culture. I usually analyze films with respect to the director’s larger body of work or larger cultural trends that the film is emblematic of. The blog’s description in is “pop-cultural commentary on film and relevant media.”

What are your blogging goals, personally and/or professionally? In other words, what, if anything, are you trying to get out your blog?
My goal in my blog is to create an ongoing discussion regarding movies in the context of larger cultural trends. I modeled my site after film scholar David Bordwell’s blog, but I refuse to let my blog get bogged down by his polarizing academic jargon. I want to create a discourse that can engage even the most casual filmgoer. I also set out to create a blog that goes beyond the inarticulate superficiality that is most common with film discussion on the internet (look at any imdb discussion board or netflix consumer reviews to understand what I’m talking about).

Do you prefer an interactive ‘community’ for your blog or are you the teacher and your readers are the students?
I simply give my opinion in my blog entries. There is no teacher-student relationship. I encourage disagreement or counterpoints that can be made in my comments section. My main goal, once again, is to start a discussion. As you can see with several comments made on some of my entries, some people respond with lengthy, passionate arguments that reflect my ability to start a discussion.

How long have you been movie blogging for, and how frequent do you post updates to your site?
I have been blogging since June 2007. I have at some points gone over a month without updating, but I feel my entries make up for that with their length and quality. I have made 12 entries in 8 months, and I hope to make more frequent entries in the future (especially if my blog gets more attention via sites like yours).

Name up to three of your favorite movies (and no more).
Three of my favorite movies are La Dolce Vita, Network and Vertigo.

How did you hear about the LAMB?
I heard about LAMB through a link on the IMDB homepage.

Any additional comments.
Two of my posts (“The Godfather vs. Arrested Development” and “Pondering Lynch’s Digital Empire”) have been featured on the IMDB homepage.

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