Last chance: The LAMB Oscars pool ends Saturday!

by Dylan · February 22, 2008 · Uncategorized · 2 Comments

Try your hand at the LAMB Oscar Pool – the top scorer will win a movie of their choice from Amazon (up to $19.99, not including tax/shipping). The contest is open to non-LAMBs as well – that’s right, anyone can enter! Feel free to send along the info to friends and family – the more the merrier, right?

To play, simply go here ( and make your picks for who you think will win and who you want to win. The winner of the fabulous prize will be the top scorer for the think portion. The deadline to sumbit your entries will be Saturday, February 23rd. – I don’t have control over an exact time and am not sure what time Mister Poll will shut it down, so just be sure to have it completed before that day. One entry per person. If there are two entries with the same name, I will accept the first entry (though Mister Poll appears to lock them down by IP). I will coordinate the prize winning via email, so enter a valid email below or perish. If I could think of more legal-type mumbo jumbo, I would put it here; suffice it so say, that nothing is guaranteed and all decisions by me are final.

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