LAMB Chops (4/13 – 4/19)

by Dylan · April 23, 2008 · LAMB Chops · 2 Comments

Don’t mind me – still playing around with the format to use for these. I’m open to any ideas.

Site: The Moon is a Dead World
Post Title/Link: Movie Review: The Fatal Hour
Submitted by: The Moon is a Dead World

Site: 353 Haiku Movie Review
Post Title/Link: Review of Delicatessen
Submitted by: 353 Haiku Movie Review

Ferdy on Films
Post Title/Link: Advance review of Errol Morris’ new documentary, Standard Operating Procedure
Submitted by: Ferdy on Films

Site: Ferdy on Films
Post Title/Link: Interview with Errol Morris
Submitted by: Doodad Kind of Town

Site: Doodad Kind of Town
Post Title/Link: Review of Flawless
Submitted by: Doodad Kind of Town

Site: Film for the Soul
Post Title/Link: Strangers on a Train – Watching the 1000 Greatest Films
Submitted by: Film for the Soul

Site: Joe’s Movie Corner
Post Title/Link: Atonement: A Tale of Three Brionys
Submitted by: Tractor Facts & Joe’s Movie Corner

Site: Trash Aesthetics
Post Title/Link: For The Thousandth Time: Part V (Gone To Bed Series)
Submitted by: Trash Aesthetics

Site: Movie Dearest
Post Title/Link: Countdown to AFI’s 10 Top 10: Animation
Submitted by: Movie Dearest

Site: The Film Fiend
Post Title/Link: Review of Poultrygeist
Submitted by: The Film Fiend

Site: Getafilm
Post Title/Link: Joel and Ethan Coen: Feeling (and Fooling?) Minnesota
Submitted by: Doodad Kind of Town

Thanks to all who submitted their Chops, and especially to those that submittied some from other sites. Submissions for next week’s Chops (April 20-26) are now being accepted and will be through Tuesday, April 29. The details:

* My email:
* Please send with a subject of “LAMB Chops Submission”
* In the email, provide your site name, the post title, and URL (post URL is preferred, if possible).

2 Responses to LAMB Chops (4/13 – 4/19)

  1. Ryne says:

    Thanks for posting mine!
    Nice posts, everyone.

  2. Chick Young says:

    Some very fine reading here! Honored to have mine included. Much thanks!

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