LAMB Chops (4/20 – 4/26)

by Dylan · April 30, 2008 · LAMB Chops · No Comments

Site: Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas
Post Title/Link: “Welcome to Hollywood”
Submitted by: Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas

Site: Coosa Creek Mambo
Post Title/Link: Review: The Man Who Wasn’t There
Submitted by: Film for the Soul

Cinema Fist
Post Title/Link: Trailer Park: Part I
Submitted by: Mrs. Thuro’s Movie Rants and Raves

Site: This Distracted Globe
Post Title/Link: Review of Coming Home
Submitted by: Tractor Facts

Post Title/Link: Lars And The Real Girl – …She’s Real!!!”
Submitted by:

Site: Blog Cabins
Post Title/Link: Familiar Face – Unknown Name #4 – Cliff Curtis
Submitted by: Blog Cabins

Thanks to all who submitted their Chops, and especially to those that submitted some from other sites. Submissions for next week’s Chops (April 27- May 3) are now being accepted and will be through Tuesday, May 6. The details:

* My email: [email protected]
* Please send with a subject of “LAMB Chops Submission”
* In the email, provide your site name, the post title, and URL (post URL is preferred, if possible).