New poll: The LAMB holds up a mirror and sees…opinions!

by Dylan · June 27, 2008 · New Poll · 7 Comments

Some good participation from our latest poll, as 50 votes were cast. I’m not terribly surprised by the results, but I am quite glad/surprised to see that 5 sites are getting more than 500 visitors a day. Hey, you five – how about sharing some tips on your success with your LAMB brethren and sisthren?

Mostly, I’m just curious as to who you are. Being the proud LAMB parent, I’m familiar at least somewhat with most of the sites. I could easily venture some guesses as to which sites I think garner that kind of traffic, but I have no idea who voted, so who knows. Please reveal yourself! The same goes for the four of you that answered “0-10.” We need to get you noticed, and pronto!

The new poll is up, and takes a look at the LAMB itself. Should you have any comments related to the poll, put them here or go to the LAMB Forums (aka the place where all the magic happens).