Our Acronym is Better Than Theirs – Picking the LAMB’s Top 10 Comedies

by Dylan · June 24, 2008 · Uncategorized · 25 Comments

The American Film Institute recently published a number of Top 10 lists specific to genres. Not long after, bloggers ’round the world derided them for any number of reasons. Now that some time has passed, let’s focus on something more positive. Fox from Tractor Facts (LAMB #66) had the excellent idea of the LAMB members voting on their own Top 10 lists from the various genres.

We’ll start with something easy and go from there – click on the link below and give me your Top 10 Comedies, in order. I’ll tally up the results using the 10-9-8 scoring method (10 points for a first place vote, 9 for 2nd, etc.), and I’ll post the “winners” in two weeks. We’ll run through the general categories (Drama, Horror, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi), but if you’ve got a suggestion for an off-the-beaten-path category, comment now and perhaps an audible will be called.


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