Summer of LAMB entry: DC Girl @ the Movies

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[Editor’s Note: Our last entry (Matt from The Spoon) forgot to insert predictions for the box office dollars in his S.O.L. entry. He should have gotten together with DC Girl, who sent in a perfectly formatted and complete entry (thank you)…but sent it in past the deadline. Though she will be ineligible to win, her entry still deserved to be posted. Thanks to all that sent in their S.O.L. entries – a scoring update will be published shortly.]

Name: DC Girl

1. The Dark Knight, $350M
2. WALL-E, $345M
3. Iron Man, $340M
4. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, $250M
5. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, $200M
6. Kung Fu Panda, $180M
7. Hellboy: Golden Army, $150M
8. The Pineapple Express, $140M
9. Get Smart, $135M
10. The Incredible Hulk, $110M

Guaranteed Flop: Step Brothers. Will Farrell’s train has left the station

Rip Van Winkle Hit (sleeper): Wanted looks like interesting visuals, and despite Angie, playing Angie, I do dig Mr. McAvoy and Freeman.

Three Movies I’m Most Looking Forward To:
1. The Dark Knight: Heath Ledger as the Joker, slam-dunk previous entry, need I say more?

2. Wall-E: They’ve only had ONE subpar entry in their repertoire, Cars.

3. …and since Indy’s already out Hellboy: The Golden Army. Del Toro guarantees unique not-totally CGI visuals and a unique comic book-to-film concept.

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