Invasion of the Lambs

by Dylan · July 28, 2008 · Invasion of the Lambs · 7 Comments
In the near future, Carla from Tricky Movie Trivia will be debuting a new feature for the LAMB. She’ll give you the nitty gritty, but kind of in preparation for that, here’s an adjunct idea I had.

Many sites have screencap quizzes, but how many are invaded by LAMBs? Every so often, I’ll post a screen shot, only the actors heads will be “lambed out” – all you gotta do is name the film and the bodies that the lambs have overtaken. We’ll start with a relatively easy one…I hope it’s not too easy.

7 Responses to Invasion of the Lambs

  1. Fox says:

    Love the screencap quiz idea, Fletch!

    But I don’t know this one… is Mike right??

  2. DJ Heinlein says:

    Invasion of the Woolen Sweaters!!

  3. Fletch says:

    Nope. Keep guessing…

  4. Fox says:

    AHH! It’s Better Off Dead!

    The goggles, man, the goggles!

  5. Fletch says:

    Nicely done, Fox.

  6. I’m embarrassed to say I had no clue which movie that was from.

    I think I’ll stick to creating the questions. 😉

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