Our Acronym is Better Than Theirs – The LAMB’s Top 10 Comedies

by Dylan · July 9, 2008 · Uncategorized · 23 Comments

The results are in, and the LAMB has picked its Top 10 Comedies (for background on this, click here). There were a total of 36 voters, with their votes spread out amongst 196 films. It’s no shock, then, that a number of films that earned even one or two first-place votes were left out of the Top 10. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve stopped reading by now and are checking out the selections below, so I’ll just shut up now.

Here are your winners (1st place votes in parentheses):

10. Airplane! – 32 points from 7 votes (0)

9. Young Frankenstein – 33 points from 5 votes (2)

8. Some Like it Hot – 37 points from 5 votes (1)

7. Annie Hall – 48 points from 7 votes (2)

5t. Shaun of the Dead – 49 points from 9 votes (1)

5t. Blazing Saddles – 49 points from 8 votes (1)

4. Caddyshack – 50 points from 9 votes (0)

3. Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb – 65 points from 10 votes (2)

2. The Big Lebowski – 68 points from 9 votes (5)

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail – 78 points from 12 votes (2)

So…how many did you vote for? [Update: If you’d like to see yours and all the other votes, scroll down. I’ve added a post with all of them, but dated it prior to this post so it won’t clutter the page.]

Others receiving 1st-place votes: Amelie, Animal House, Back to the Future, Clerks, Clue, Delicatessen, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Fletch (guess who?), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ghostbusters, It Happened One Night, Little Miss Sunshine, Sullivan’s Travels, The 40 Year Old Virgin, The Aristocrats, The Dinner Game, The General, What’s Up, Doc?, and Withnail and I.

Next up? Action/Adventure. The poll is already up, and will be for two weeks – be sure to read the instructions. [Update two: Please DO NOT enter “Star Wars Trilogy” or “LOTR Trilogy” or any other series of films as one entry. Entries such as these will be treated as a vote towards the first film in the series. Sorry, but I can’t have separate votes and grouped votes at the same time. Thanks.]



23 Responses to Our Acronym is Better Than Theirs – The LAMB’s Top 10 Comedies

  1. Fox says:

    Er… I only got one of mine in there… Annie Hall. 🙁

    No Top 10 love for Bottle Rocket my fellow LAMBs!?!? WASSUP???

    But man, this was fun. Can’t wait to see the results for Round 2 (Action/Adventure).

    p.s. To whomever gave Sullivan’s Travels a # 1 vote, I kiss your cheek!

  2. I forget if I gave Sullivan’s Travels a #1 vote…I wish I’d written these down somewhere. Definitely on my list, though.

    Kind of surprised at the love for The Big Lebowski.

  3. Fletch says:

    @ Fox – to be fair, even you only gave Bottle Rocket a 6th place vote. One other person gave it a 6th place vote as well.

    Sullivan received an 8th place vote from The Flick Chick, a 1st from From the Front Row (Matt Lucas) and an 8th from Cinexcellence.

    If there’s interest, I’ll post everyone’s picks in a monster post. Of course, I didn’t even get mine in one time and had to add them to the end, then didn’t save them. I’m sure I can recreate them at least somewhat accurately, though…my bad. But don’t kill me if the numbers don’t add up quite right…

  4. WaywardJam says:

    Only one of mine made it too, but it was a good one! I totally spaced on Airplane! Caddyshack and Monty Python were in my 11-20 list at least.

    Surprised there were no This is Spinal Tap or other Guest films in the also-rans.

  5. WaywardJam says:

    Booty Call is an awesome film! Some of Jamie Foxx’s best comedic work. It’s a great example of ‘where are they now’ too.

  6. Fox says:

    Way to call me to the mat Fletch! 🙂

    And for all of the Sullivan’s voters :0*

  7. Monty Pythin, really? What’s the enduring appeal?

    Oh well…. real suprised to see Shaun of the Dead up there, but pleased as punch that Dr. Strangelove got so much normallove.

  8. Fletch says:

    My pleasure, Fox. For the record, I love Anderson’s films, but I didn’t put a single one in my top 10 – they kinda don’t fit into a cookie-cutter genre, and when I think of LOL comedies, they don’t come to mind. Still, a number of them would make my top 100 overall list.

    @ Mike – I don’t get the “enduring appeal” comment, seeing as how you voted for at least 7 comedies that are >25 years old. Why wouldn’t that love apply to Holy Grail as well?

    I had it high up because it holds up brilliantly. I was lucky enough to have seen it in the theater recently (after a couple years having not seen it) and found myself still laughing a lot at things I’d seen at least 10 times. I think it’s a worthy number one.

    I’m just embarassed that I still haven’t seen Dr. Stranglelove. Don’t kill me – I’ve been meaning to for some time!

  9. I totally forgot about this. MOAR EMAILS, PLZ.

    Also, I’ll probably post my top 10 on my blog, just because I feel foolish.

    Good list. Haven’t seen the bottom three, and I own but haven’t seen Strangelove. Netflix will rectify some of those problems.

  10. Nick says:

    I can’t remember if I voted for Lebowski or not… if I didn’t, then the only one from my list to make it was Shaun of the Dead (which was my number 1). So that’s good.

    Kind of a surprising list, though.

  11. I still think our list is far superior to the AFI’s. It’s varied, and more representative of all kinds of taste… I’m looking forward to seeing the action picks.

  12. I was never a big fan of the Monty Python stuff anyways, so I guess that by enduring appeal, I meant general appeal.

    And hey! Unless you post everyone’s votes, no fair using my ballot against me in an arguement!


    Go see Strangelove, already.

  13. Fletch says:

    Fair enough, Mike – I’ll indeed post them all shortly.

    Paul – might I suggest an email subscription to the LAMB posts? (I don’t mind emailing, but I’m sure some would if I sent many more.)

  14. Graham says:

    I’d love to see everybody’s votes – I don’t remember mine too well, but I’m not sure I voted for any of those films. Lebowski, maybe.

    I still like the idea of two stage voiting – like, you could list all of the films that got 10 points or more and we vote on all of them again? I know you didn’t like the idea the first time, but I’d still love to try it!

  15. Fletch says:

    Update: If you’d like to see yours and all the other votes, scroll down. I’ve added a post with all of them, but dated it prior to this post so it won’t clutter the page.

    @ Graham – I’m just not sure what that accomplishes – I think the results would end up the same. Right?

  16. Graham says:

    They might end up the same, but that’s unlikely, right?

    If Philadelphia Story doesn’t get more than 10 points, then I would revote and give something else that did already get 10 points 9 more points. So I would think that would mix things up a great deal – once people see other choices and have some of their more idiosyncratic choices removed from the process, a different picture might appear.

    Does this make sense to anyone else?

    Thanks for posting the votes. I didn’t vote for Lebowski…so I went 0 for 10

  17. Nick says:

    haha… I totally just created probably one of the most absurd lists for action/adventure films (such a broad genre! And I had to find action movies that were adventurous and/or adventure movies with action. Not as easy as it sounds!).

  18. Daniel G. says:

    Holy crap, somebody else included What’s Up Doc? in their list!?! They’re my soulmate…Luke or Evan, whichever one of you.

  19. Wowsers, only one of my ten made it to the final list. Guess I should grab a napkin since I just got served.

    For my list though, I thought about the movies that make me laugh out loud every time I see them.

    And in that respect, Viva Ferris!

  20. Well played, clerks.

  21. DJ Heinlein says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid! I totally forgot to add Scotland, PA on my list.

  22. Marilyn says:

    I should have put Zoolander on my list instead of Blazing Saddles. I crack up all the time at the hanging scene in Blazing Saddles, but I damn near wet myself at the slo-mo gasoline party in Zoolander. And a model named Hans – fantastic.

  23. Rachel says:

    Glad to know there’s another “Scotland, PA” lover out there DJ!

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