LAMB Grazin’ on the Plot Farm 3.0

by Dylan · September 10, 2008 · Uncategorized · No Comments

Well, Piper’s been busy lately, most likely big-timing the LAMB while he hangs out with Loni Anderson, Bill Shatner and a badger named Dolly. You really don’t want to know anything more than that.

Anyway, I wanted to have us another Plot Farm. If you need a refresher on how this works, check out the prior posts on the subject. Last time out, 1 Minute Film Review edged Matt from The Spoon, 29% to 25%. Maybe it’s your turn.

Anyway, here are the rules really fast.

1) Choose from the 10 words or phrases below to create a truly original movie plot.
2) Remember, you do not have to use all 10 words or phrases.
3) When you have your truly original plot, e-mail them to me by next Tuesday, September 16th.
From there, the plots will be posted and people will vote on them so make them good.

Here are the words/phrases.


Bob Dole
Too hot to handle
42 bucks

Good Luck.


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