Running out of time

by Dylan · September 17, 2008 · Uncategorized · 4 Comments
Voting for the LAMB’s Top 10 Musicals ends today at approximately 5:00 pm Arizona time (PST right now). I’m not sending out any emails this time around – if people want to vote, they’ve had two weeks since the poll went up. If we get a smaller sample, so be it.

Here’s the link:


4 Responses to Running out of time

  1. Nick says:

    Crap! I think I might have forgotten about Team America (And I own it!). Oh well, I put in South Park, so that’s close enough.

  2. Reel Whore says:

    I forgot about Team America…and I forgot I had to have my top 10 in by today! D’oh!

  3. DJ Heinlein says:

    Wone-wee! I’m feeling so wone-wee!

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