Invasion of the Lambs #9

by Dylan · October 28, 2008 · Invasion of the Lambs · 8 Comments

Many sites have screencap quizzes, but how many are invaded by LAMBs? Every so often, I’ll post a screen shot, only the actors heads will be “lambed out” – all you gotta do is name the film and the bodies that the lambs have overtaken.

Has it really been over a month since I did one of these? Wow. My bad. I love this game, but my MS Paint skillz aren’t all that superb (can you tell?). Anyway, Norma Desmond got on the board the last time out (click the label for previous Invasions), but Fox is still the runaway leader. Think you can catch him?

Fox (Tractor Facts): 4
Joseph (Cinexcellence): 1
Dean (filmicability with Dean Treadway): 1
WaywardJam (Reel Whore): 1
Norma Desmond (The Flick Chick): 1

8 Responses to Invasion of the Lambs #9

  1. Fox says:

    wow!… hint? That looks like Samuel Jackson’s arm… am I warm? Cold?

  2. Fletch says:

    Hint: Adaptation of a novel by an author that gets adapted a lot.

    That should more than help.

  3. EVIL CLOWN says:


    I hate these.

    Elmore Leonard? One of those movies?


  4. Reel Whore says:

    The Big Bounce with Charlie Sheen, Morgan Freeman and Owen Wilson left to right.

    This was impossible w/o the hint!

  5. Fletch says:

    Piper – you hate them in a good way, right?

    Wayne – congrats! I think Piper gave it away, but my hint helped him, so…I have no point.

  6. Fox says:

    Damn… never would have got that one. Nice job Wayne!

  7. EVIL CLOWN says:

    Of course hate them in a good way.

    Damn, so I helped Wayne?

    Wayne, there will come a time when I need a favor and I will call on you and you will do that favor for me.

  8. Reel Whore says:

    Understood evil clown.

    I thought it was Grisham, Leonard and then Stephen King from the adaptation hint.

    I didn’t rethink the Leonard angle until it was mentioned. Thanks!

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