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To all those that have emailed asking me about the status of the LAMB Forum, I want to thank you. I apologize for the inconvenience, but have hopefully remedied it for good. Like the Arizona Cardinals themselves, the LAMB Forums have risen like a Phoenix and have been re-born.

You can access the new Forums here.

This unfortunately means that we’re starting from scratch. Regardless of whether or not you had a login previously, you will need to sign up for the new site. All conversations are gone, though I should be able to retrieve all LAMBScores that were previously posted when the old Forums site comes back online.

But there’s plenty of good news, too. The new Forums site has a live chat option, for starters. Also, because the security is (apparently) tighter, I’m lifting the restriction that caused me to approve every new account. Once you create an account, you should be able to start posting. (This also means fewer spam accounts for me to have to delete, which ought to be a big burden lifted off my shoulders.) The rest should be generally the same – so head on over, sign up, and get to posting!

As a point of order, I would like to thank Jed of the Movie Fanatic for hosting the LAMB Forums up to this point. It was a gracious, unsolicited offer and one that we’ve taken full advantage of, and I think the Forums have been a welcome complement to the LAMB site. Additionally, I’d like to thank General Disdain of The Critical Critics for offering to host the forums on his site, too; though I decided to take the forums “off-site” (so to speak), I really appreciate the gesture.

Any questions, comments, or issues – let me know.

P.S. – For the mean time, the link to both the old and new Forums remains in the left sidebar.

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  1. NoirishCity.... says:

    Hi! Fletch,
    Thank-you!…For the updated info(rmation) about the new Forum(s) website.

    DCD 😉

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