LAMBScores: Friday the 13th

by Dylan · March 13, 2009 · LAMBscores · 4 Comments

4.5 Lambs
The Horror Club
3.5 Lambs
Reel Whore
2.5 Lambs

Average LAMBScore out of five, rounded to nearest half-LAMB: (3 sites)
Median LAMBScore:

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4 Responses to LAMBScores: Friday the 13th

  1. dreamrot says:

    Sweet. I was wondering what was going on with the LAMBScores. It seemed like it’d been forever since one got posted.

  2. Fletch says:

    The intention was for it to never go away, but with the old forums going down and with a slow transition of folks to the new forums, and with my desire to see a film get at least 3-5 votes before posting it, and with my inability to get the data from the unposted films from the old forums…

    You get it. I think we’re just gonna lose some films. But I think the more of these that I do get up here, the more people will rejoin the forums and start posting their scores again.

  3. dreamrot says:

    I’ve never been real active with the LAMBScores, just because I don’t usually see new movies quick enough. I just know that in looking at the forum, there are still movies open that came out around xmas.

    I notice too that there are only 45 people who’ve made it over to the new forum so far. Might it be worth a dedicated post reminding people that it’s there?

  4. Fletch says:

    Done and done. A good idea.

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