Hey you!

by Dylan · March 13, 2009 · Uncategorized · No Comments

See that new banner off to your left? Wondering what March Madness has to do with the LAMB?

You’re not? Well, why not – you should be!

Anyway, if you are, you can find out right now – a whole 2-3 days before most anyone else! All you gots to do is become a member of the LAMB Forums. I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but the LAMB has its very own message board. Of course you do – many of you were members of version 1; well, the LAMB Forums had to up and move, and they want you.

You know what else? It’s the shiznit. Really, three people have told me exactly that, though it’s possible that one or two of them were just sneezing. The LAMB Forums are the place to go to post your LAMBScores, find out in advance about upcoming LAMB events (and give suggestions for new ones and/or to make the existing ones better), and talk about anything from LOST to books to general blogging tips to your favorite sexual position. Ok, that last one isn’t discussed, but I knew it would get your attention.

So what are you waiting for – join us (heck, signing up is even simpler than it was before):


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