Let it bleat (just putting this out there again…)

by Dylan · April 16, 2009 · Uncategorized · No Comments

Some months back, I ran a poll asking the LAMBs how many visitors per day their sites received. While we have some big fish in our small pond, the majority of respondents answered that they received 100 or fewer visitors per day (68%), with 54% getting 50 or fewer in a day. Now, we probably have twice as many LAMBs now as we did then, but I would assume that the percentages track out roughly the same.

And while the LAMB itself is indeed smaller than some of its own big fish, it is uniquely suited to help out all of its member sites, large and small. And I think its not doing a good enough job of doing so. I’d like to change that, and I’d really like to get more of you LAMBs involved with the success of the LAMB. Here’s what I’m proposing:

Do you have a smaller site and want some more readers, or a larger site but could always use a few more? Do you feel that your voice wasn’t able to come through enough with the LAMB profile that was posted when you joined?

Write an editorial for the LAMB. Any topic of your choosing (obviously movie-related). It could be something you’ve already posted, but it’d be even better if it were original – fresh and current. All that I ask is that you have an opinion and let your voice shine through. Send me the html (click on the Contact button for the email address), complete with any pictures you may wish to use, and I’ll put it up for all to see. Wanna do more than one? Be my guest. I want this to be fun, spur discussion, spark some activity on the LAMB and shine the spotlight on you.

Oh, and in case you’re still confused, a “bleat” is the sound, or “characteristic cry,” a lamb makes. It can be a noun or a verb. So bleat already!


Additionally, the LAMBat Signal is out there: I need help! If you have some time to spare, want to help improve the LAMB, want to get your name out there a little bit more and/or just want to get on my good side, please volunteer! I’d love for someone to take over the LAMBScores, but there are scads of other great features and events we’ve had that have gone by the wayside, due mostly to a lack of time either by me or the original author. But I’m always looking to make the LAMB better and have many items on my wish list that I seem to never get to, so you guys are the best place to start when I’m looking for assistance. Thanks.


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