Blogger’s Box Office Predictions on MovieBlips

by Dylan · April 16, 2009 · Uncategorized · No Comments

Just a quick note to pimp something that I participated in recently. I was asked by Robyn of MovieBlips (a child of ShowHype, in a way) to answer a few questions about this summer’s movies and their projected box office takes. It’s a good read (similar to the questions I posed to the players of last year’s Summer of LAMB) and – even better – I was far from the only LAMB to play along. Also taking part were the authors of The Center Seat, Are You Screening?, and The Screening Log. Here’s the link:

Sidenote: an udpate to “March to Box Office Madness” will be coming to the LAMB very soon; there certainly aren’t any matchups that have gone final, but I’ll let everyone see how many folks are playing, what they picked, and I might even have some news about the prizes.

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