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by Dylan · April 9, 2009 · Press Release · No Comments
Born out of a culture of appreciation and dedication to classic films, Muze Clothing takes a timeless line and pairs it with an equally compelling graphic and prints it on the finest cotton around.

We knew from the outset that this culture was meant for the masses and we think your readership will love our Daily Muze section, our “glossary of proper movie quote usage.”

This incredible phenomenon we’ve created continues to bring together like-minded fans of film, and we would love to offer your readers free product from our site for the best addition to our “Daily Muze” section – a term we define as how one best applies a classic movie line to an everyday situation. We regularly get submissions and if one really “wows” us, we send them a style of their choice.

For example, we recently received this one and sent him a free shirt:

Line: “Sweep the leg”
Movie: Karate Kid
Definition: Drop this when giving encouragement for the final nail in the coffin, achieving victory at all costs. You got a problem with bending the rules a bit, too bad. Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Sliding into second – get your spikes up. Ref’s looking up ice, a nice two-hander to the back of the ankle should suffice. That elbow to the nose, wasn’t intentional, just hitting the boards. I don’t see any problem here, do you?

If you check out our Paparazzi section, you will see some notables that love wearing Muze as well.

Editor’s note: The guys at Muze offered me some t-shirts to “review” recently. You’ll be able to find the reviews (complete with my own version of paparazzi pics) sometime in the coming weeks here and on Blog Cabins. Thanks to Kyle at Muze!

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