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by Dylan · April 23, 2009 · Uncategorized · 7 Comments

File this under: things I should have thought of long ago.

At the bottom of the LAMB Scroll Box, I tell you to “email the LAMB” if you want an updated version of the code. I get requests periodically, but for the most part, people’s boxes on their sites are wildly out of date (even the one on BC gets that way sometimes).

Such is the trouble of not having something that can update dynamically. I’ve been told by a LAMB (T.C. of Popcorn N Roses, iirc) that I can use javascript to make it do so, but I’m no programmer and doing so would amount to a learning curve that I’m too impatient to endure. File that under: things that I plan to do at some point.

In the meantime, I realized that I could use freewebs.com to store a text version of the code. Then I can post the link to the file here and anyone who wants it can save it and update their box without having to email me. As a bonus, with it up here, perhaps more people will add one to their site. My intention right now is to go through this process at least once a month, so if you don’t see a new version by June, give me a hard time and I’ll get on it.

Anyway, here’s the link: http://www.freewebs.com/blogcabins/lambscrollboxcodes/LAMBScrollBoxCode042309.txt

Instructions: Do a right-click (Mac users, click and hold down or CTRL+click), Save Target As (or Save Link As). In the dialog box, you’ll see that the extension has been changed to an htm file. Ignore this for now and save to the destination of your choice. Once saved, manually change the extension from htm to txt. Update on your blog as you desire.

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions.

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7 Responses to Updated LAMB Scroll Box Code

  1. David Bishop says:

    You gained at least one more person posting the code on their blog with this post. Namely, me.

  2. Tommy Salami says:

    Thanks for this, I’ll update mine more often now.

  3. Nice! I’d been doing a copy and paste that was taking longer than it should have, something screwed up with the spacing in my rich text editor. This is a lot easier!

  4. its been a really long time since i have done anything with javascript but if I can find the time I will try to see if I can rewrite that into some javascript that won’t have to be updated on every single page every time there is a change.

    I make no guarantees because I have been kind of busy lately and I wouldn’t be too upset if someone beat me to the punch but I will see if I can find the time.

  5. Fletch says:

    David – very nice to hear.

    Tommy – ditto.

    Daniel – and here you could have been asking me for an updated version at any time. It’s not like it too much time at all that way, I just figured this was easier for everyone. Seems like it is.

    Hat – I won’t hold you to anything, but that would be superfantasic, or boss, or sweet, or whatever the kids are saying these days. I appreciate the offer.

  6. Well, had some free time last night.

    Fletch, I am e-mailing you some code. Let me know what you think.

  7. Also, I am using the code that I wrote for the scroll box on my site, so you can take a look at how it works.

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