It’s A Wonderful LAMB: Invasion of the B-Movies.

by Nick Jobe · June 11, 2009 · Uncategorized · 3 Comments

Welcome to another edition of It’s A Wonderful LAMB! This edition is a very special edition, as we go back in time… in a few different ways. It’s an original LAMB with a not-so-original taste in film. And he has a truly wonderful site indeed.


Blog Name: Invasion of the B-Movies.
Posting Name: Jason Soto.
Country of Origin: USA.
LAMB Number: 5.

Other: What is there to say about Jason? Besides being one of the first LAMB members, he’s been a long-time participator in all LAMB-related events. He was the winner of the first ever VERSUS challenge, Sirens of the LAMBs, where his entries for Kill Bill‘s The Bride beat out all the competition. He’s recently won Best Theme for his blog in the 2009 LAMMYS. He also wrote a wonderfully funny article about the LAMMY events. In other words, he’s LAMB-tastic.

But what about his blog? Well, when it comes to Invasion of the B-Movies, it’s not just a blog. Its main page is a website that links to other things, such as his twitter account, a guide to understanding his site, the reservoir of movie reviews, and, of course, the blog itself. The first thing you might notice is the simplicity of the aesthetics. Jason keeps with the theme of B-Movies by having a B(asic) format.

As for the reviews? Like the LAMMY events article, his reviews are often amusing and funny. Beware, though, as the reviews often entail a full retelling of the film. Think of it as a written version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (which is fitting with the theme). He writes about the occurrences of the film, as well as how ridiculous or painful they are. So these reviews are best read after having actually seen the movie (to help you understand the references he makes in reviewing and to help with the humor). He will also sometimes use captioned pictures to add to the humor.

The reviews themselves aren’t all B-Movies. The majority of them are, but some are reviews of bad films in general, such as Gigli or Batman & Robin. But, yes, the majority of the reviews you will find on the site are horror, fantasy, or sci-fi related. And not all of them are negative reviews, so don’t go in feeling they will be. B-Movies (or even modern horror) aren’t for everyone, but those that can enjoy them, such as Jason, will find positive reviews they can agree with.

What else is there to say about Jason? Well… I could just let him tell you. In dance.

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3 Responses to It’s A Wonderful LAMB: Invasion of the B-Movies.

  1. Jason Soto says:

    You know, some day I’m gonna make a name for myself and years down the road (hopefully) when I die, there will be some stirring tribute to me. The main chunk of that tribute? That Step Up 2 video. I swear it’ll haunt me forever.

    Thanks for this, Nick, it was totally unexpected. I feel loved or wanted or something.

  2. DJ Heinlein says:

    Oh, my gosh! How did you get a hold on to one of my family’s home videos?

  3. What a great idea for a column / post / whatever the kids are calling ’em nowadays.

    I never knew Jason had such moves…

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