LAMB Shorts.

by Nick Jobe · June 19, 2009 · Uncategorized · 7 Comments

Alrighty! The other day, Fletch mentioned a little somethin’ somethin’ that we’ve come up with over at the LAMB Forums (inspired by somebody else entirely). Now it’s time to announce it.

It’s summer time, so we thought the LAMBs should put on some shorts. Short films, that is. The LAMB is having a Short Films Contest! So let’s just get straight into the rules, shall we?

Rules & Restrictions:

1) Any current LAMB is eligible for this contest.

2) To make it easier and more flexible on everybody involved, everybody can write their own script so that everybody doesn’t have to go by the same exact thing (it’ll help see everybody’s vast imaginations, as well).

3) The named entrant does not have to write, direct, or even star in his/her own film, but will at least have to act as producer given the nature of the contest (though, really, which one of us doesn’t want to at least direct our own film?). You can get anybody to do any of it for you (including writing, for those *cough*Fletch*cough* who don’t want to write their own movie).

4) Important: At least part of the movie’s story must revolve around a divorcing or splitting couple fighting over what DVDs/BluRays go to whom. As long as that’s a part of what makes the plot go ’round, it’s all good.

5) The movie can be anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes, opening/closing credits excluded (so it can be 20 minutes… if you have 5 minutes of credits on top of a 15 minute movie. However, this does not include credits that are interjected with your opening/closing scene… so no being tricky there).

6) This is nothing professional, so don’t feel overwhelmed or obliged to go out and buy professional equipment or use non-protected things (specific music, brands, etc.). You can use copyrighted material. We don’t care. As long as the film itself is original.

7) If you do pay for anything, including cast or crew fees, the LAMB will not reimburse you. This is just for fun, so–again–don’t feel you must go out of your way.

8) The movie can be any genre–drama, romance, comedy, thriller, horror, etc. However you see the story–as long as it includes the aforementioned stipulation (get it? Because it was number 4?… fine then)–go for it.

9) For contest purposes, the completed film is due by August 31, 2009.

10) It would be lovely if you could email me ([email protected]) to let me know if you think you might participate. Though just because you tell me you’ll participate doesn’t mean you have to. It would just be nice to know how many to potentially expect come August 31. And when ready to turn in the film, you can upload it to YouTube (or some other free video sharing place) and send a link to me at said email address.


Once all entries are received, multiple polls will be set up. LAMBs will be able to view all entries via YouTube (or some other free video sharing place) and vote on their favorites in a few different categories (think of it like the Oscars… or LAMMYs, but not as detailed). The winner will receive some kind of prize… depending on the turnout for the contest. It could be anything from a special button (like for the LAMMYs) or, if there is a big enough turnout, there could be something bigger (at least for the “Best Short” winner). We’ll know as it gets closer to August 31.

Anywho… let’s start filmmaking! Can’t wait to see what we get.

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