LAMB Chops: May 4th

by Jason Soto · May 4, 2010 · LAMB Chops · No Comments

Site Name: The Cultural Post
Post: Teaser of ‘Peepers’
Submitted by: Anh Khoi Do

Site Name: Anomalous Material
Post: Are Hollywood Actors Overpaid?
Submitted by: Anomalous Material

Site: Detailed Criticisms
Post: Kill Them All!
Submitted by: Detailed Criticisms

Site Name: Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Post: The Giant Gila Monster (1959)
Submitted By: Nathan Shumate

Site Name: Obscure Movie Thoughts From An Obscure Movie Fan
Post: The Room: Or How I Learnt How To Stop Worrying and Love The Wiseau
Submitted by: Obscure Movie Thoughts From An Obscure Movie Fan

Site Name: SciFi Drive
Post: Singing & Grooving in SciFi Movies
Submitted By: ScIFi Drive

Site Name: Movie Mobsters
Post: Movie Moments Slash Should Solo In
Submitted By: Movie Mobsters

Site Name: This Guy Over Here
Post: Have You Seen This? (Indie Edition)
Submitted By: This Guy Over Here

Site Name: Rachel’s Reel Reviews
Post: Thursday’s Three: Non-Traditional Shakespearean Adaptations
Submitted By: Insight Into Entertainment

Site Name: Hoping For Something To Hope For
Post: You Already Take Me There: Aladdin (1992)
Submitted By: Insight Into Entertainment

Lot of submissions this week. I have to cap them off at 10 so if yours wasn’t posted, it’ll be saved until next week. Also need some Bloody Chops as well. Have those in by Midnight Friday. And it’ll help me a lot if you use the standard format:
Site Name:
Submitted by (Your Site Name):


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