LAMB Chops: June 8th

by Jason Soto · June 8, 2010 · LAMB Chops · No Comments

Site: The 8th-Circuit
Post: Movie Trailer Monday: Labor Day Blowout
Submitted by: The 8th-Circuit

Site Name:
Post: Female Action Heroes
Submitted by:

Site Name: Encore’s World of Film & TV
Post: The Musical Blogathon
Submitted by: Just Chick Flicks

Site Name:The Dark of the Matinee
Post: Today (My Birthday Tradition)
Submitted by: Fandango Groovers

Site Name: Ross v Ross
Post: What Are The Best and Worst Things About Being A Movie Blogger?
Submitted by: Blog Cabins

Site Name: Japan Cinema
Post: Top 10 Donnie Yen Movies
Submitted by: Japan Cinema

Site Name: Phil on Film
Post: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans Review
Submitted by: Phil on Film

Site: The 8th-Circuit
Post: A Storms Tirade: Animated Sequels
Submitted by: The 8th-Circuit

Site: Movie Mobsters
Post: Top Ten Twist Movie Endings
Submitted by: Fandango Groovers

Glad to see some LAMB’s sending in other people’s works. AS ALWAYS, use the following format when sending in links:
Post Title:
Submitted by:

And AS ALWAYS, send them to and they just might show up next week.

Now, horror movie freaks, send in those Bloody Chops. Anything horror related! Send them to using THE SAME FORMAT. Those will need to be in by midnight EST Friday night.

I’m out!

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