LAMB Chops: July 20th

by Jason Soto · July 20, 2010 · LAMB Chops · No Comments

Site: Kinematoscope
A Scene By Scene Recap of “Crash”‘s Awfulness
Submitted by: Kinematoscope

Site: Top10Films
Top 10 John Landis Films
Submitted by: Top10Films

The 89 Second Review GAG REEL!
Submitted by:

Site: This Guy Over Here
Top 10 Popcorn Flicks of the 2000s
Submitted by: This Guy Over Here

Site: Into The Abyss
M. Night Shyamalan and the Career Arc of a Director
Submitted by: Into The Abyss

Site: Does Writing Excuse Watching
Submitted by: Does Writing Excuse Watching

Site: Magic Lantern Film Blog
The Top 15 Greatest Sports Movies of All-Time!
Submitted by: Magic Lantern Film Blog

Site: My Floating Red Couch
Announcing: The Sexy Sexagenarian Grudge Match (Helen Mirren vs Blythe Danner)
Submitted by: FRC Ruben

Site: Japan Cinema
Batman: Under the Red Hood – Review
Submitted by: Japan Cinema

Site: Gentleman Rambling
An Internet Campaign To Get David Tennant As The Next Hulk
Submitted by: Gentleman Rambling

Site: Top10Films
He’ll make you laugh, then he’ll make you scream: The Films of John Landis
Submitted by: Top10Films

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