LAMB Chops: August 24th

by Jason Soto · August 24, 2010 · LAMB Chops · No Comments

Ok folks. Sorry for the delay. I had to lay down the law. If you sent in more than one, I only went with the first one I recieved. I’ll keep the others as back-up for the next week or so. Without further ado, here’s all the Chops from the past two weeks.

Site: The Rail of Tomorrow
Much Ado About Nothing – Alain Resnais’ Wild Grass
Submitted by: Scott Nye

Site: Top10Films
Top 10 Part 3s that are better than Part 2s
Submitted by: Top10Films

Site: Misfortune Cookie Blog
Underrated child performances
Submitted by: Misfortune Cookie Blog

Site: Does Writing Excuse Watching?
Submitted by: Does Writing Excuse Watching?

Site: jdbrecords
Review of “The Ghost Writer”
Submitted by: jdbrecords

Site: Cold Fusion Video Reviews
A Vacation in Hell (1979)
Submitted by: Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Fictional Organizations in Film I Want to Work For
Submitted by:

Site: Just Plain Something
The Craziest Crossover Ever
Submitted by: Just Plain Something

Site: Strange Kids Club
Trailer Terrors: Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home (1987)
Submitted by: Strange Kid

Site: Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Moon: You Saw Me Standing Alone
Submitted by: Matt-suzaka

Site: Detailed Criticisms
The FITS Awards: 2010
Submitted by: Detailed Criticisms

Site: Flickering Myth
Five Essential Christopher Lee Villains
Submitted by: Flickering Myth

Site: Phil on Film
Interview with Bong Joon-ho
Submitted by: Phil

Site: Magic Lantern Film Blog
My Experience Seeing Wiseau’s Disastrous “The Room”
Submitted by: Peter Eramo, Jr.

Site: The Film Reel
TAD 2010 – The Last Exorcism – Film Reel Reviews
Submitted by: The Film Reel

Site: This Guy Over Here
Top 10 Directorial Debuts of the 2000s
Submitted by: This Guy Over Here

Send in your regular LAMB Chops to using the following format:
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And have them sent in by midnight Monday night, EST. And don’t forget the Bloody Chops, using the same format as above and have those sent in by midnight Friday night, EST.

Thanks for the patience!

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