LAMB Chops: August 3rd

by Jason Soto · August 3, 2010 · LAMB Chops · 1 Comment

Site: Lets Go To The Movies
Batman 3: Return of the Riddler
Submitted by: Lets Go To The Movies

Site: jdbrecords
Catching Up With 2010 Films
Submitted by: jdbrecords

Site: The 8th-Circuit
Review: Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Submitted by: The 8th-Circuit

Site: Film Forager
Movie Sketch Project #1
Submitted by: Blog Cabins

Site: The 8th-Circuit
Comic-Con 2010: Video, Pictures and Round-Up!
Submitted by: The 8th-Circuit

Site: Blog Cabins
Fletch’s Favored Five: Teeth in Film
Submitted by: Blog Cabins

Site: The 8th-Circuit
Sucker Punch: 80+ Pics for Your Eye Pleasure
Submitted by: The 8th-Circuit

Site: Magic Lantern Film Blog
Video Web Rant on Mel Gibson’s Woes
Submitted by: Magic Lantern Film Blog

Site: Does Writing Excuse Watching?
Lucy Liu at 41
Submitted by: Does Writing Excuse Watching?

Gmail loves cockteasting me apparently. I opened up the mail and it said I had about 20 messages and I was like “Yes! We’re back on track!” Then I start going through them and MORE THAN HALF of those message were repeats of last week…even though I clearly opened them and moved them to the old messages file. I dunno what that was about. But I’m happy with this week’s submissions.

So if you wanna send me NEW messages for next week’s post, email them to by midnight Monday night EST using the following format:
Site Name:
Post Title:
Submitted by:

Oh and also send in those Bloody Chops, the all Horror Chops to by midnight Friday night, EST, using the same format as above.


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  1. Peter Eramo says:

    yes, Gmail will do that to ya! Thanks again for including Magic Lantern Film in your weekly Lamb Chops….it is most always greatly appreciated!

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