LAMB Chops: September 28th

by Jason Soto · September 28, 2010 · LAMB Chops · No Comments

Site: jdbrecords
The City of Your Final Destination (Review)
Submitted By: jdbrecords

Site: Cold Fusion Video Reviews
I Am Legend (2007)
Submitted By: Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Site: Via Margutta 51
Proust Questions Answered by Classic Actors
Submitted By: Does Writing Excuse Watching?

Site: Pick ‘n’ Mix Flix
Submitted By: Bitchin’ Film Reviews

Site: TheMovie411
Superman – Christopher Nolan Reboot 2012
Submitted By: TheMovie411

If YOU want to send in a Chop, here’s what you do:
1. If you or the site/blog you read is a LAMB (or in the queue to be one), send in the Chop to [email protected] using this format:
Site Name:
Post Title:
Submitted By:

2. Have them sent in by midnight Monday night, EST.

3. There is an All Horror version called the Bloody Chops. It’s the same thing except its with horror sites/blogs. The same rules apply except you send those to [email protected] and have them sent in by midnight Friday night EST.

4. Still confused? Check out the FAQ/Guide here or leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in!

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