Clash of the Lambs: Where Is It?

by SebastianGutierrez · November 1, 2010 · Uncategorized · No Comments

I do sincerely apologize LAMBs. I cannot provide you with your weekly doses of blood and gore, as I have not had time to find adequate competitors. I’ve been embroiled in a show at school which opens this week, so, all my free time has been taken up by rehearsals, set buildings, and music and dance practice. I know. You expect more from me. I beg forgiveness. Could you ever forgive me?

I can however give you the play by play from last week’s championship match. It was pretty much one sided, but still a crown pleaser.

So, the Predator and the Tripod faced each other down. The Tripod let out multiple blasts from its heat ray, sending the Predator scrambling for cover, disabling its cloaking the process. The dreadlocked hunter immediately turned around and send plasma bolt after plasma bolt at the towering war machine, taking down its shields. It the got in close, and, using its wrist blades, hacked at the Tripod’s organic legs, sending the head crashing to the ground. The aliens inside tried to escape, but the Predator easily caught them and did what he did best.

The Results
The Predator: 14 Votes (Supreme Alien BAMF)
The Tripod: 4 Votes (Guess it had a cold that day)

Well… this is awkward…

Oooo, wait, I have an idea! Seeing as I am still waiting to hear from you all on who you’d like to see duke it out, I’m gonna make it even easier to relay your messages to me. Disregard the answers there already. PollDaddy only lets me create a poll if there are at least two answers. Just type in what you want. Sound good? Fantastic! I’m thrilled we understand each other.

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